Yahoo! Local Safety Guide

What is Yahoo! Local?
Yahoo! Local is a site that lists businesses, events, and attractions by area. It helps people find local information, pinpoint businesses on a map, and discover other people’s recommendations and reviews. You could use Yahoo! Local to find the best pizza in town or to recommend the top heart specialist in your area. Yahoo! Local’s Review Guidelines can tell you more about writing reviews.

How can I use Yahoo! Local safely?

Knowing how to take care of yourself is important. Start with some of our general tips for online safety. And when you’re using Yahoo! Local, remember to:

  • Protect your personal information. Yahoo! Local’s content is publicly accessible. If you post personal information in Local collections or reviews, it could be used by strangers to identify and contact you. Report any harassment that you experience through the report abuse link that’s found on many site pages. Yahoo! Local Help can tell you more.
  • Delete old content. If you shared too much information, and are worried about others finding it, act now. You can edit or delete past posts. But remember--others may have already seen and saved what you’ve written, so be careful what you post.
  • Report mature content. Yahoo! Local’s Terms of Service (“TOS”) does not permit posting adult content. Please report any material that you think is inappropriate to Yahoo!.

What safety features can help protect me on Yahoo! Local?
Know how to:

  • Create an alias. If you post reviews, you can choose to be identified publicly as “a Yahoo! Local user” or you can create an alias instead of showing your Yahoo! ID. You can change your alias on your Yahoo! Profile page by clicking on your name.
  • Report inappropriate photos. People on Yahoo! Local can add a photo to a business listing. If you find a photo that contains adult-oriented content or content that you find otherwise offensive, click on the “Report Abuse” link on the bottom right side of the photo to alert Yahoo!.
  • Report abusive language. If you see someone is posting content that you find unpleasant, sexually suggestive, or abusive language on reviews, take action. Report any content that you feel is offensive or inappropriate contact from others through the Yahoo! Local Report Abuse form. There is a link beside each review for a business listing. Reporting through this link will give Yahoo!’s Customer Care team the information it needs to review the content and take appropriate action pursuant our Terms of Service.

We hope that with safety in mind, you can take advantage of the great Yahoo! Local community to find new attractions and share your adventures.

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