Yahoo! Groups Safety Guide

What is Yahoo! Groups?

Yahoo! Groups is an online community where you can connect with people who share your interests and ideas. You can view and post messages, photos, polls, events and links to websites. Members can create their own groups or join one of the thousands of existing groups.

Groups can be made private for a limited set of friends and family or shared with a wider audience of people on Yahoo! Groups. If you create your own group, you manage the content and control who can join.

To learn more, take a look at Yahoo! Groups Help.

What can I do to help me stay safe on Yahoo! Groups?

Everyone on Yahoo! Groups must follow the Yahoo! Groups Guidelines, as well as the Yahoo! Terms of Service.

Just as there may be risks in the town where you live, the Yahoo! Groups community may pose certain risks. Yahoo! Groups has a number of safety features, but you have to take care of yourself too. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re using Yahoo! Groups:

  • Protect personal information. Don't post any personal information or photos that could identify you to strangers. In most cases, your email address will become known to the group through normal interactions. Learn more about the visibility of your email here.
  • Use privacy settings. Some actions you take in public Groups may generate a Yahoo! Update. You can manage who sees your Updates through your Pulse settings. You can also limit the information people can see about you by creating a new public profile. To learn more about how to do this, please visit the alias section of Help.
  • Chat with care. Group users who are at least 18 years old can chat with other members in the group chat room. Before you start chatting, read the Community Guidelines, so you know what kind of behaviour is allowed. Think before you post anything and always remember not to share private or sensitive information.
  • Help keep the chat rooms clean. If you see other members acting inappropriately in a chat, mouse over the member’s name in the user list to the right of the chat and click the ‘report abuse’ link to report the user to Yahoo!.
  • Don’t tolerate harassment. If another user bullies or harasses you, contact the group moderator and report the abuse to Yahoo!. You can also leave the group.
  • Report inappropriate content. If you come across abusive language or content, report the content to Yahoo! through the ‘report abuse’ links.
  • User location mapping. If the group moderator adds a member’s address to the optional People Map feature of Yahoo! Groups, the member’s location can potentially be identified by the entire Yahoo! Group. Think twice before you give your address to anyone. If your location is added to People Map without your permission, make sure that you notify the group moderator immediately.
  • Look out for mature content. Yahoo! Groups users over 18 can post mature content. If the moderator of a group doesn’t place this content into an appropriate adult category, you might come across it while searching Yahoo! Groups. If that happens, please report the abuse to Yahoo!.

To protect young people, Yahoo! Groups doesn't let those under 13 create their own groups, but they can join groups. If you are at least 13 years old and want to create a group on Yahoo! Groups, you should know how to do the following:

  • Manage Group Settings. In the left-hand column of your group, click the Management link. This will bring you to the Management Pages of the group, where you can control who has access to your group and what features are enabled. You can learn more about all these settings in our ‘Moderator’ section of Help.
  • Hide a group from the public. You can hide your group to keep it from appearing in the Yahoo! Groups directory.
  • Remove a group member. The moderator can remove anyone who behaves inappropriately in the group.
  • Ban someone from the group. You can prevent inappropriate people from joining your group in the first place or from rejoining the group if they were removed.

How can I report problems that happen on Yahoo! Groups?

If you are exposed to obscene language, mature content, threats of physical violence, harassment or anything else that violates the Yahoo! Terms of Service or Yahoo! Groups Guidelines, please click the ‘report abuse’ link to report the incident to Yahoo!.

Yahoo!’s customer care team receives abuse reports and takes appropriate action, as necessary, which may include deactivating an abuser’s account. Reports that indicate activity involving child pornography or solicitation of a minor are dealt with promptly by Yahoo!’s legal team.

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