Family online and mobile device agreement

As a family, we make the following promises about our time spent on the Internet:


___ I will not give out any personal information, such as my age, last name, address or phone number.

___ I will not meet someone online without my parents' permission.

___ I will block weird messages from people I don’t know.

___ I will tell my parents or a trusted adult if anything happens online that makes me uncomfortable.

___I will only share my passwords with my parents.

___I will use privacy controls and discuss it with my parents when I want to create a social networking profile.

___I will not put anything on my profile that I wouldn’t want my parents, teachers, university admissions staff or future bosses to see.

___I agree not to bully anyone online or on my mobile phone by sending pictures, spreading gossip, setting up fake profiles or saying cruel things about people.

___I understand that once something is online, it’s impossible to take it back, so I will think before I post.

___ I know that not everything I read or see is true, and I will think about whether a source is credible.

___I agree not to use technology to cheat in games or with schoolwork.

___I recognise that to my parents, my safety is more important than anything else.


___ I recognise that technology is a big part of my child’s life, even if I don’t always understand why.

___ I will try to embrace technology and will invest the time in an effort to understand social networking, IM (instant messaging), online gaming and sites that my child likes.

___ I will learn about how I am creating my own digital reputation, and if my child uses social networking sites, I will 'friend' my child.

___I will learn about privacy controls and how to use them.

___I will know my child’s online identifiers.

___I will monitor my child’s mobile phone use on a regular basis.

___I will set media limits for my child based on behaviour, with consequences for violations to the media limits.

___ I will initiate regular conversations with my child about his or her online behaviour and will remain open to and interested in my child’s online experience, so we can continue to learn together.

Child: ____________________________________________ Date: _________

Parent: ___________________________________________ Date: _________

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